Jan Kinčl



“I’m a curious guy so basically I search in every possible way to find the stuff I like.”

A line from an early 2014 interview must be the quickest rundown on who Jan really is - music lover, techno and house DJ, producer, live act performer, radio broadcaster and a (former) label owner still dragging around his teenage nickname. In short, if you scratch the surface of electronic music in Croatia, it is very hard not to come across something Jan’s been involved with.

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Born in Zagreb in the mid ‘80s, his involvement with dance music kickstarted at the age of 15 (2000.), in a period when city’s club scene was still at its peak. Residency at OTV Dom/Boogaloo Club, one of the biggest clubbing venues in Zagreb, soon happened and provided a crash course with some of the world’s most prominent artists such as Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Luke Slater, Surgeon, Oliver Ho, Green Velvet and Aux88, to name some.

A lot has happened since. In between playing all sorts of venues, from tiny clubs to huge festivals, radio shows and various other events across the region, Jan expanded his musical environment a bit.

Sound engineering study in Slovenia was a catalyst for his own label Bondage (2007.) which during its 5 year lifetime released 15 EPs from mostly local/regional artists. By the time the last EP was out, Jan was involved with Radio808 for almost a year. The show started in autumn 2011. as an experiment, but soon the job of curating a weekly radio programme took an equal position to DJing.

As the show evolved over time, it turned into a platform where house, techno and other styles of electronic music co-existed with other genres, and where interesting guests from all over the world got to elaborate on what they do. Some of the 150+ guests involved are Alex Barck from Jazzanova, Cornelius Harris aka The Unknown Writer from Underground Resistance, Dimitri Hegemann - founder of Tresor club and record label, Cut Chemist from Jurassic 5, Anthony Shake Shakir, DJ TLR, Gerd Janson, Gilles Peterson, Lawrence Burden of Octave One, Legowelt, Mike Huckaby, Morphosis, Afrikan Sciences, Pacou, Robert Henke aka Monolake, Roman Flügel, Surgeon, and Jan Duivenvoorden from Unit Moebius amongst others.

Consistent with the string of local activities started with Bondage and expanded with Zero Show, in 2012. Jan started Cycle - a bi-monthly clubnight held in Zagreb’s beloved Masters club. The 17th edition is coming up in September with Jan’s annual allnight session.

Period of the last few years was particularly dynamic. With all mentioned above, and a frequent festival attendance (Dimensions, The Garden, Electric Elephant, Sonus, Moondance, Slurp!, Stop Making Sense, LED and more), Jan began holding lectures on electronic music history at EMI audio engineering school in Zagreb, collaborated with Red Bull Music Academy Croatia on various occasions and appeared on multiple local music/scene/issues related panels.

As for 2015., he spent most of the year in the studio producing music for a live show which he performed successfully on some very big stages, Sonus and Moondance festivals amongst others.