Ivan Komlinović



Choosing amongst numerous highlights from a 20+ years spanning career of Ivan Komlinović and simply listing them here would without a doubt make a compelling reading. However, it seems that the path this Zagreb-born techno DJ, sound engineer, mastering engineer and producer undertook was leading to the big moment he’s living at present time.

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Eclectic but techno-focused DJ sets have made him a household name on numerous festivals and parties across the region. Also, more than 15 vinyl releases for prestigious labels under his belt imply that studio is also his natural habitat. The idea of taking a few pieces from his hardware-based studio and taking them for a ride was present for a while, but only as a concept. Until Moondance Festival 2015, to be precise.

Booking for a debut live performance on the main night of the festival and sharing the stage with Octave One and The Analogue Cops was based on no more than a blind trust only a good friend can have.

To cut the long story short, that particular night was all it took to realize that live performance is the most direct way of presenting your music. There’s not a lot in between you and the audience, just a few machines and what exactly can you do with them in the moment.

A successful string of subsequent live dates all over the region only strengthened the fact that Ivan’s as comfortable with his machines as when they’re in the studio, but judging by the interest coming from all sides it looks like they’re gonna be spend