In his productions, Marion Cobretti tells Techno with a story and his sets are a well constructed dramaturgy.

Biography  🡣

"This boy has superior musical hearing! ", declared the woman from the local conservatory to the elementary school music teacher, and asked her to direct him to a first meeting there the very same day. However, sun, blue skies and eleven months of good weather indulge any young boy to spend all of his after-school hours outdoors, playing football or sneaking into swimming pools, rather than training his fingers coordination on a piano. This was also kid Marion Cobretti's fate back in Tel-Aviv in the late 80's and early 90's. Nothing was in any position to threaten the sun, not even the conservatory, nothing, right until a few years later and that one decisive occasion, when his dad brought home his first computer at the age of 11. The indoor started taking more and more from the outdoor and softwares starting taking more and more from the games. Among those, a music production software.


Back then, in the pre-internet era, it was all about trying to imitate familiar sounds: Acid and Psytrance were the queens of the local scene and well dressed weddings guests dancing next to barefooted hippies on 145 bpm was a common sight. This was also the sound that reflected a teenage heart's volcano: hot, melodic, melodramatic, merciless.


It was only many years later that all the pieces came together. The scenery changed to Berlin, and the warm outdoors were replaced by cold techno cellars. Upon arrival in the German capital in 2010, Marion Cobretti was finally able to revive his good'ol hobby of electronic music production and add the performing aspect to it: DJing. Experimenting with several styles and sub-genres, he was finally able to develop his own unique sound signature: despite enjoying most sorts of electro, Marion Cobretti sees Techno as the most natural, unbiased form of electronic music, much like what light athletics is to sports. His style reflects a never-boring contrast between his attraction to nordish atmospheric, mysterious soundscapes, and the southern energetic, dynamic warmth that are an inseparable part of his own personality and socialization.


In his productions, Marion Cobretti tells Techno with a story and his sets are a well constructed dramaturgy. However, his greatest strength lies in his ability to feel the dance floor and to make necessary alterations to any set. A vast musical repertoire, deriving from years of working in key positions in several Berliner clubs and on going relationships with many labels and DJs.


His more recent passion to synthesizers and drum machines occasionally enables him to spice up his DJ-sets with vintage drums, turning the sets into a hybrid DJ-live performance.